• Realto makes fractional investment and selling of real estate affordable, profitable & safe using the Blockchain & A.I


    We offer a trustworthy property trading ecosystem for real estate investors , sellers & agents.

  • Experience the Realto Advantage

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    Secure & profitable real estate investment options

    Our Property A.I grades properties to minimise risk and maximise returns on your small,medium and long term investments

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    Invest Grow Reap with MIA, your Property A.I advisor

    MIA is your 24/7 365 real estate sales and investment agent who has been trained to give you the best suggestions by our experts.

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    Maximise returns on property sales & ventures

    Raise capital on your properties using the power of fractional investment and selling on the blockchain



    for Property Developers and Sellers

    With access to Realto's global marketplace of investors, you can

    • Raise capital on Properties & Property ventures  by fractionally selling your assets
    • Crowdfund your development ventures 


    For property investors


    Our Property A.I creates custom investment options using accurate Property market intelligence which offer

    • Highly personalised investment portfolios
    • Predictive analytics for estimating risk
  • How it works


    You can fractionally invest into or sell property on our blockchain marketplace


    Let MIA help you make profitable & safe investment & selling options


    Track the performance of your investments & properties


    Use our Real estate intelligence to invest,sell,grow & reap


    A.I. for better Real estate investing & selling


    MIA helps investors spot the best properties to invest into while helping Property sellers gain more ROI based on

    • Property type & Size
    • Current, expected market valuations
    • Estimated appreciation/depreciation


    Marketing & Crowdfunding Management & Intelligence


    Property Developers and Sellers can 

    • Create marketing & crowdfunding campaigns for their Realto listed properties to target relevant Investors
    • Use realto to deliver the best service you can
  • Investor

    Fractionally invest in a safe eco-system where your risks are mitigated through A.I.


    Fractionally Fund your developing ventures through network of investors

    Property Agent

    Attract investors & trade with real estate brokers & agencies

    around the world

    Property Seller

    Fractionalize your current property to earn quarterly dividends while holding ownership of your property  

  • Get to know like-minded investors and sellers, invest & sell using our Property Dojo with A.I. for guided selling & investment decisions

  • Why Blockchain?


    Smart contracts

    Are encrypted and stored safely on a shared ledger. you will not need to trust anyone to carry out successful transactions


    Membership Service Providers

    They’ll not need to trust you either. Everything about the transaction will be handled by an unbiased system that replaces trust.



    Data in the distributed registry cannot be lost or cyber attacked. Through our multi-signature algorithm this will only get more tough.



    With smart contracts, there will be no need for intermediaries. This gives you absolute control over the agreement.

  • Join The Beta

    Gain early access to the Realto smart ownership and investment platform.

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    24/7, 365 days a year